Caregiver Incentive Project

About Us

There is a national shortage of in-home caregivers. While there are programs at the national, state, and local levels to facilitate the placement of caregivers in the homes of those in need, there are not enough qualified caregivers available. This is where the Caregiver Incentive Project comes in!

Our initial effort will be to work with high schools, colleges, and universities to establish intern programs for students regardless of their chosen program of study. The internship placement will further enhance programs of study in fields such as, but not limited to, medical, social work, education, and clergy by providing “real life” experiences prior to entering those career fields. The program will provide cost free training for working as an in-home caregiver and incentives in the form of grants and scholarships based on the amount of time an individual works as an in-home caregiver. College students choosing to use their earnings to pay off their student debt may also qualify, upon application, to receive matching funds to be used toward their student debt.